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Saturday, September 15th, 2007


大温莎中国艺术学院(CCIGW) 是非营利机构组织,成立于2005年二月。在原少儿歌舞班的基础上发展起来的大温莎中国艺术学院现已具备开设七个常年招生的文艺课目的能力。她的宗旨是增进旅居加拿大的华人和当地居民的文化交流和了解,丰富海外华人的文化生活,并帮助他们教育子女对中国传统文化的认同。

Chinese Culture Institute of Great Windsor (CCIGW) is a non-profit organization. It was founded in February of 2005. Based on the Children’s Singing and Dancing Class, the institute now gives seven yearly running Chinese Culture related courses. The mission of Chinese Culture Institute of Great Windsor is to promote the understanding and exchange in cultures between Chinese Canadian and local Canadian, to enrich the spare life of Chinese Canadian, and to help them educate their children with Chinese tradition and culture.

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